Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Harper has had a lot of fun with his cousins lately. Here are some pictures of when we went camping on the Skyline for labor Day. We were out Geocaching looking for treasure. He loves these girlies so much. They treat him like their little brother.

We took Jaycie and Harlee with us to a Springville football game. They thought it would be fun to paint their faces. I think they make some pretty cute little devils. Harp's mustache and gotee crack me up. I am so grateful that we live close to our families.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A dear Friend

This past week one of our dear friends and neighbors Tauna passed away from complications due to diabetes. She was such a sweet friend and neighbor. We are going to miss her so much. She was the best mom to 2 adorable kids. And such a great wife to Chad. Harper loves playing with her kids. They were always so nice to us since we moved into this ward. She came visiting teaching to me until just recently. It was such a treat every month to learn more about the gospel from her. She had such an amazing testimony of her Heavenly Father. We will miss having her around our game nights, and bbq's for sure. She had one of those personalities that could brighten your day.

This experence has made me reflect on the plan of salvation and eternal families. I am so thankful for my knowlege of the gospel. Even though only being on this earth for 32 years she has made an impact that wont be forgotten. She was so selfless she donated organs to the research of Diabetes. That was always something she wanted to do. Tauna we will miss you so much, until we meet again.