Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Harper

Can't believe our little boy is 4 today! Time has gone by so fast. Life seems a lot more complete since he has joined our family. Oh the adventures we have had in the last 4 years. Harp we love you so much, and are so glad you are our little boy. Thanks for being the best big brother to Swayzie. He adores her and is always so sweet to her. He has called her "sweetheart" from day one. Love Ya buddy hope you had the best birthday!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hello I really am alive!!!

Holy cow I know it has been forever since I have updated! I promise we are alive and well. I figure it is just easier to start with some highlights of what we have been up to then go all the way back. This summer has been so much fun! We have done a lot of fun things as a family. As most of you know we are adding to our little Daily family in about a month. We are having a little girl and could not be any happier to have a little sweetie join us. Curt and I have really been trying to get some good time in with Harper. Especially since things might be a little different for him for a bit.

We went with my family to Flaming Gorge over the 4th of July. Curt has been restoring his family boat for the last couple of years. We finally were able to take it to the Gorge this year. It was way fun even though the weather was not the best!

We spent a day in Park City Harp and Curt rode the Alpine slide. As you can tell he loved it!

Curt's dad Rich gave these Golf clubs to Harp for his first birthday. Hoping he would love the sport as much as he does. Needless to say He asks all the time to go hit a bucket of balls. How cute is he?

Curt is the Deacon advisor so he has a lot of camp outs to go on. He has taken Harp with him a couple of times. This time they did a 2 mile or so hike. Curt ended up giving him a piggy back ride on most of the hike. I love this picture!

*Life is good for the Daily's I will try to be better with blogging. Especially when Swayzie makes her grand arrival!