Monday, February 28, 2011

Family Update

Here is a little update of what we have been up to lately. Hope this finds everyone healthy and happy!

Life for Curt and I has been just great lately. Curt has been busy with work, and being the deacon advisor as well as everything else that comes with being the dad of the household. He has found a love for spinning. Which he tries to go to as often as he can.

I am still just doing everything that being a mom includes. I am the Girls Camp director for our ward. That has been a big part of my time lately. I am excited to go with the Young Women in our ward in June. Also I am still in love with Zumba. I try to get to that every chance I get. Being a Mom to two kiddos has been really fun so far. We are really looking forward to better weather. So we can go swimming and play outside more.

Harper is loving and living life to it's fullest. He goes to preschool 2 days a week. It has been so fun watching him learn so much. He also started karate in January. It is so cute to go watch him. Curt and I have really loved the discipline that he his learning. Especially "Yes Mam, and Yes Sir!" Harp loves Swayzie so much. She has been his "sweetheart" from day one. He wants it to be "sunny time" so bad. He is a boy after my own heart and loves anything summer. I can't believe he is 4 1/2 already. We sure love this boy!

Little Miss Swayzie. Oh how we love this little girl. She is definitely the little diva of the household. She is now 7 months old. She loves gaining more independence every day. She is a little rolly polly bug. Just doesn't have crawling down yet. She is a little scooter though. The last week in a half she has gotten her first and second tooth. There is nothing sweeter then watching the way she looks at Harper. She loves him so much. We can't wait to see other milestones she will complete with the next couple of months.

So there you have it! A quick little update of our family. Life is great and we love being a family of Four!!!