Monday, March 30, 2009

So long Puppies

Well as most of you know Josie had puppies the begining of February. One went to our breeder, three have been sold. I think they all went to nice homes. So we have just one sweet little girl left. I thought she would of been the first to go. She has the cutest marking out of them all. She is all black, with silver phantom marking. Then her back foot is white. She is sad to see all of her sisters, and brother leave. Harper had such a hard time seeing the first dog leave. He cried and cried he kept saying "yous never gonna bring my doggy back!" That was a little hard, but he has been better as the rest have left.

Here is a picture of our sweet little girl. She is still for sale so if any of you are looking for an Easter present or just want a little puppy. Thanks Jaycie for holding her while Curt took the picture!

We have really have enjoyed having them around, but I would be lying if I didn't say that it has also been nice to see them go!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Birthday to be Remembered

What does this little Boy

And this Momma

And the number


A birthday to be remebered. I turned 25 on Saturday March 7th. I have been having a hard time realizing that I am getting older. I know it is not that old, but I could say I was in my early twenties. Sheesh time goes by so fast. I was laying in bed just relaxing the morning of my birthday. Harper came in with his guitar, which is not anything out of the normal. He climbed into my bed with me. He began playing his guitar for me. He was singing "Happy Birfsday to Momma." I could not hold back my tears. I know I am such a baby. Seriously though he was so sweet and so proud of himself. I will never forget my 25th birthday, because Harp made it so special. I guess Curt taught him the words the night before. So sweet I love my 2 boys!

We went to Iggy's with my family for lunch. I mean what great day doesn't start with the best Cobb Salad. My parents then took Harp so Curt and I could go play and see a movie. We went and saw "Taken" such a great movie. Then Curt took me shopping. My sisters and parents gave me the cutest decorations for our bedroom. Thanks girlies and Mom and Dad! I had so many calls, text and messages thanks so much everyone for helping me feel loved even though I am getting OLD!