Sunday, October 11, 2009

3 Already!

I can't believe this little Sweetie is 3 today! Happy Birthday Harp we love you so much. I can't imagine life with out you. I am so proud to have you call me "Mommy!" These last three years have went by so fast. Curt and I were talking about the day he was born yesterday. It seems like that was so long ago. At the same time though it seems like 3 years has went by so fast.
Here are 3 of the many things I love about Harper.
*He always tells me and Curt how much he loves us!
*That he is a "Rock Star" He LOVES music, instruments, dancing, ect.!
*That no matter how bad life seems he always puts a smile on my face!
We had a friend party yesterday. We have a family party tonight and tomorrow so I will be posting pictures soon.
Harp I hope you know how much Daddy and I love You!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Harper has had a lot of fun with his cousins lately. Here are some pictures of when we went camping on the Skyline for labor Day. We were out Geocaching looking for treasure. He loves these girlies so much. They treat him like their little brother.

We took Jaycie and Harlee with us to a Springville football game. They thought it would be fun to paint their faces. I think they make some pretty cute little devils. Harp's mustache and gotee crack me up. I am so grateful that we live close to our families.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A dear Friend

This past week one of our dear friends and neighbors Tauna passed away from complications due to diabetes. She was such a sweet friend and neighbor. We are going to miss her so much. She was the best mom to 2 adorable kids. And such a great wife to Chad. Harper loves playing with her kids. They were always so nice to us since we moved into this ward. She came visiting teaching to me until just recently. It was such a treat every month to learn more about the gospel from her. She had such an amazing testimony of her Heavenly Father. We will miss having her around our game nights, and bbq's for sure. She had one of those personalities that could brighten your day.

This experence has made me reflect on the plan of salvation and eternal families. I am so thankful for my knowlege of the gospel. Even though only being on this earth for 32 years she has made an impact that wont be forgotten. She was so selfless she donated organs to the research of Diabetes. That was always something she wanted to do. Tauna we will miss you so much, until we meet again.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wing Family Pics

We had some family pictures taken the end of June with the Wing side of the family. Here are some of my favorites. Thanks so much Cara you always do such an amazing job!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer Time Fun!

*We have had such a great summer! Just wanted to share some of the fun we have had!


*We go visit Curt's dad and Step mom every 4th of July. We had so much fun as usual. They always have so many fun things planned. We went golfing, to parks, swimming in the backyard, shopping, parade, fireworks, out to eat, to our dear friends Russ and Michelle's house. We had such a great time. We watched fireworks down by the River at the same place that Curt proposed to me 7 years ago! Crazy! So much Fun!

Flaming Gorge

*We go to Flaming Gorge over the 24th of July every year. With my side of the family. This year Harp and I went out 4 days earlier then everyone else. It was so much fun to just spend time with my mom and dad and my Grandpa Wing. Curt and everyone else showed up later on and it was so much fun. We fished, skied, wake boarded, cliff jumped, 4-wheeler rides for the kiddies with Great Grandpa Wing, ect. How cute is this picture of my dad and Harp fishing? Harper thought that fish was a "Shark!"


*Curt's mom has a pool and also we got 7 peaks passes. So we spent many hours in the pool!

Now it is time for School!

*Harper could not be more excited to go to School. Kind of sad, but will be so nice to have 4 hours a week to myself.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy 50th Papa Roach

Today is my dad's 50th birthday! Or as I like to call him "Papa Roach." He is the best dad ever, I know everyone thinks they have the best dad. I truly do though! He has never complained of having 4 girls and no boys. Even though he is a huge outdoorsmen. I loved going fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, and all of those types of things with him when I was younger. We still enjoy doing some of those things together still. I am for sure a "Daddy's Girl" can you blame me. He makes it so easy to love him and want to spend time together.

All six grandkids love him so Much too. Harp calls him "Papa Shocka Boom" It is so cute! My dad loves being able to have boys in the family finally. Harper and Porter will be able to have that special bonding with their Papa. Harp and I went out 4 days early to Family Gorge with my Mom and Dad before everyone else got out there. It was so nice watching Harp spend time with them by himself. My dad took him fishing for the first time, 4-wheeler rides, boating, swimming, ect. Harp looks up to my dad so much!

Tonight we are celebrating at his favorite LaCasita. We have family, friends, co-workers, highschool friends coming to help celebrate. It should be way fun to celebrate such a wonderful man.

We love you "Papa Roach" aka "Papa Shocka BOOM!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Boutique Tomorrow!!!

I am taking my Usborne books to this boutique tomorrow Saturday July 18th. There is going to be a ton of cute stuff there. It is in Springville at the Sage Plaza. Right by Domino's and the golf shop. Please come have a fun day and if not to buy anything just to come visit. There are going to be some great Deals!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Girls Night Out

Last Night my friends and I went to Kelly Clarkson at UVU. Our friend Tiffani was in a contest Utah's Got Talent there too. She did such a great job. She is so confident and has a great voice. Tiff you did Awesome! I love these Girls we have so much fun together. I hope our kids will be close like us. We get together every Wednesday and let them play. We have been friends since Middle School. We still laugh just as hard and love spending time together. Tiff was busy so she isn't in the pictures with us. Here are some fun pictures of the concert.

Even though we got wet we still had a blast and look at that pretty Rainbow. It actually became a double Rainbow. Thanks Annika, Chelsie, and Ashly for such a fun night!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

6 Years!!!

Today is our 6 year Anniversary! It seems like we have been together forever. I mean that in a good way. I love Curt so much and honestly know that we are meant to be together. It is so much fun being married to your best friend.

We went yesterday to Park City for the day. We shopped, shopped and shopped some more. We also went and had Mexican for dinner. It was fun to just spend time together and enjoy eachothers company. We felt a little loss with out Harp asking to go potty and needing his sippy.

I thought it would be kind of fun to list six things that have happend in the last 6 years!

1. We were sealed together for eternity in the Salt Lake Temple on March 11th, 2006.

2. We have moved into Curt's family home.

3. Curt cut off his fingers in a work related accident. (I cant believe it will be 5 yrs. on Aug. 13th)

4. I quit working at the hospital to be a stay at home Mom!

5. Curt started working his family owned Upholstery business.

6. I think one of the most important things is we became parents!

Monday, April 20, 2009


We have been doing a lot of fun things lately. I just wanted to take a minute and post them. Since this is my way of journaling I don't want to forget.

Curt took Harper to the airplane museum up north a couple of weeks ago. Harp loved it Curt said he had a really fun time. His room is done in airplanes so he thought it was fun to go see them up so close. He looks so tiny standing next to them.

We had such a fun Easter spending time with Family. We had an Easter Egg Hunt at my Grandma and Grandpa Glaziers on that Saturday. Then did one on Easter at Curt's mom's house. Harp made out like a bandit at that hunt. He ended up with candy and $20. Then we headed over to my parents house for a nice dinner.

Yes that is the boy puppy behind Harper. Harper named him "Murray" and we have decided to keep him. He is such a good puppy. If he wasn't so calm, loving, and not using the doggy door he would be gone. But he is and does all of those things. We are attatched to him already so he is going to have to stay.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just Kidding

Just kidding the little girl is now sold as of last night. Now we have our sweet mellow little boy back. The guy that orginally bought him had to bring him back. We felt so bad for him, he bought him on Sunday and brought him back on Wednesday. He got offer a new job and has to travel the nation for long periods of time. So he didn't want the dog left with family and friends all of the time. This little boy is black with silver phantom markings. He is doing really well with potty training. We love him so much! Let me know if you would like to have him join your little family.

Monday, March 30, 2009

So long Puppies

Well as most of you know Josie had puppies the begining of February. One went to our breeder, three have been sold. I think they all went to nice homes. So we have just one sweet little girl left. I thought she would of been the first to go. She has the cutest marking out of them all. She is all black, with silver phantom marking. Then her back foot is white. She is sad to see all of her sisters, and brother leave. Harper had such a hard time seeing the first dog leave. He cried and cried he kept saying "yous never gonna bring my doggy back!" That was a little hard, but he has been better as the rest have left.

Here is a picture of our sweet little girl. She is still for sale so if any of you are looking for an Easter present or just want a little puppy. Thanks Jaycie for holding her while Curt took the picture!

We have really have enjoyed having them around, but I would be lying if I didn't say that it has also been nice to see them go!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Birthday to be Remembered

What does this little Boy

And this Momma

And the number


A birthday to be remebered. I turned 25 on Saturday March 7th. I have been having a hard time realizing that I am getting older. I know it is not that old, but I could say I was in my early twenties. Sheesh time goes by so fast. I was laying in bed just relaxing the morning of my birthday. Harper came in with his guitar, which is not anything out of the normal. He climbed into my bed with me. He began playing his guitar for me. He was singing "Happy Birfsday to Momma." I could not hold back my tears. I know I am such a baby. Seriously though he was so sweet and so proud of himself. I will never forget my 25th birthday, because Harp made it so special. I guess Curt taught him the words the night before. So sweet I love my 2 boys!

We went to Iggy's with my family for lunch. I mean what great day doesn't start with the best Cobb Salad. My parents then took Harp so Curt and I could go play and see a movie. We went and saw "Taken" such a great movie. Then Curt took me shopping. My sisters and parents gave me the cutest decorations for our bedroom. Thanks girlies and Mom and Dad! I had so many calls, text and messages thanks so much everyone for helping me feel loved even though I am getting OLD!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who Ya Gonna Call?

So lately whenever we lay Harper down to bed he only last about 3-5 minutes. Then he begins panic crying that there is a ghost in his room. Curt and I have told him that Daddy and Mommy don't allow ghost in our house. This all started when he was playing ghost with the neighbor kids by putting blankets on their heads. Poor little guy is terrified! We have had to upgrade from the night light to his lamp on. The "G" word can not even be brought up or he will become consumed that their really is a ghost. I tell him that we only let our angels in. We have pulled the Jesus and Heavenly Father love you and wont let ghost live in Harp's room.
The last couple of night he will cry and cry in pure panic until we come in. So he then gets to be cuddled to sleep with mommy or daddy. He usually only last about 2.3 minutes before he has passed out. So if you see guys wearing goofy backpacks walking into our house don't be alarmed. You just know that we finally had to make the CALL!

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Letter "P"

We have had a lot of things going on in the Daily household that start with the letter "P". First of all Harp has really started to grasp the Potty training idea. He has had just a few accidents. He loves to where his Choners (underware). He has all different kinds. Yes they are called "Choners" at our house. That is what Curt called underware growing up. We are going to take Harp to Mickey's House (Disneyland) hopefully the begining of the summer. This is why bribing is so nice for things like this. Also is it bad that I can't get enough of his cute little bum? He is so cute and is trying really hard. We are so proud of him.

The second "P" is that Josie our Mini Schnauzer had Puppies. She had them on February 9th. They are so sweet and are starting to get chubby. Josie is being such a good little momma. She had 4 girls and 1 boy. They are all for sale. The boy and 1 girl is looking like they are going to be phantoms. Which is when they have light eybrows, cheeks, bellies and feet. Everything else stays dark. Then we have our cute little runt girl who is all black. Then the other 2 girls have white stars on their chest.

This can all be summed up as being Pretty fun! It is 2 first for us, but we are enjoying both things. Even though it has been so nice not changing diapers, I am sad that my little boy is growing up.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Harp's Hat

I am in love with Harp's new hats. I just wanted to show you some pics of my favorite beanies I found. I also got him a tan one in the same style. I love the one Jyl made for me too. Of course the only place I could get him to hold still long enough to take a pic was with his drums.

Thanks again Jyl we love our hats! You have to go check out her website here! She has the cutest stuff for everyone of all ages.

I have to share these two cute pictures as well. Harper was helping make cookies with Curt. He loves Cookie dough so much. He has never gotten sick from it. So eat your little heart out Harp! The other picture is from when we went bowling as a family. He looks like such a little man in this picture.